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Buying Guide in Turkey


     Below I have outlined the process of buying and the costs you can expect. HAPPY DREAM HOMES  pride themselves on their aftersales service and can offer you a whole range of services to make the buying process and owning a holiday home as stress free as possible. Our  aftersales team are on hand six days a week to assist with any questions or requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask.

     Legal Procedure

     Buying a property in Turkey is not as complicated as you may think, although it can be time consuming but we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

     Foreigners are able to purchase land and property under their own names.

     Once a sale has been agreed an application is made to the local land registry office to acquire the Title Deed of the property (known locally as TAPU).
     A copy of your passport is sent to the Ministry of Defense for authorisation which can take from 10 to 14 weeks. Once all the checks on the property or land have been carried out and the authorisation has been returned from the Ministry of Defence the Title Deeds will be changed into your name.

     Payment Options 


    HAPPY DREAM HOMES offers a range of  purchase options that mostly depend on the property in question. For example the payment options for a finished property will for sure differ from that of a property at the planning stage. If you are interested in a particular property, or a vast range of properties offered by our company, we are able to provide a wide range of legal services and plans to suit the needs of most anyone. You are free to contact us to find out more details in terms of payment conditions, legislation etc. 


     Financial Advice


     HAPPY DREAM HOMES teams up with independent financial advisors that you may contact with respect to the options available to you when purchasing property abroad. We do not receive any fee for the services rendered by these financial experts. Naturally you are free to discuss your financial options with an advisor of your choice. We are offering you the above-mentioned options as they are already familiar with our business and the relevant Law / Regulations applicable in Turkey. 


     Legal RequirementsThe named purchaser and / or officially appointed representative are the only individuals who have the authority to sign the ownership and legal documents (TAPU). The named purchaser and / or assigned representative are obligated to attend personally to the appointed office in order to finalize and collect all the required purchase documents. 


  • A copy of the buyer's valid current passport. 
  • 2 colour passport photos. 

     If the property is being bought as a joint venture, copies of valid passports and passport photos are required for each individual involved. 

     Buying propertyBuying property in Turkey is a good investment. ErHAPPY DREAM HOMES offer you the properties to suit any budget and needs of most anyone. Our staff is at your service to help you with all the formalities at every stage of the purchase process. We provide only the best and most qualified services to our customers based on honesty and trust. Buying a property in Turkey through our company is easy and without any risk. Our options give the homeowners some peace of mind and choice when purchasing the Turkey property. 

     Whats Involed

     When you have found your new home in Turkey the procedure is simple –

  • While you are in Turkey HAPPY DREAM HOMES will help you open and bank account in your name and to take out Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney will cost around 100€, This authority for Agent to complete all necessary transactions to purchase the property on your behalf. (e.g. Transfer of Deeds,Habitation, Transferring Water and Electric into your name) .It is limited to do just above transactions. Banks in Turkey are introducing strict security measures and will only allow the nominated person to take money from your account once you have faxed the bank advising them how much can be collected.

  • All Estate Agents in Turkey charge 3% commission based on the Purchase price. 

  •  Taxes, Translation Fees and Deeds Office charges this will come to around 200€

  •  Water and Electricity to be transferred into your name 200€

  •  Habitation (Iskan), document for register the water and electricity on your name, depending on the town-location and property, amount between 700 and 1.000 euro

  •  Cost of the Military Check will come to around 200€

  • You will also pay a purchase tax which is 3% of what is written on the title deeds. This is usually much lower than the actual purchase price.

  • For Russian and Danish Clients ,Residence Permit is a must.Its price is changing from country to country and up to the time that you request.

     Inheritance Law

     There are several options available.

  • If you die without leaving a will, Turkish inheritance laws will apply.
  • You can leave a Will according to Turkish inheritance laws, but you will need to go to either the Notary or a Lawyer to get this witnessed. If you do not go to the Notary or a Lawyer then on your death the Will goes to the courts to validate your signature. This can be very time consuming.

  • If you want to leave an English style Will then you have to take it to the courts to check they will agree to the contents. If you have a spouse and children 25% of your estate goes to your spouse, the other 75% is divided equally between your children.If you have a spouse and no children then 50% of your estate goes to your spouse and the other 50% is divided between any parents or brothers and sisters.

  • If you have no spouse and you have children then all will be equally divided between your children.
  • If you have no spouse or children then your estate is divided between you parents or brothers and sisters. If you have no direct family then it is divided between next family members ie. uncles, aunties, cousins etc.

     Annual Tax

     If you own a property you will pay 0.1% of the amount written on the title deeds. This can be paid annually or in two payments, one in May and the next payment in November. If you own land you will pay 0.3% of the amount written on the title deeds. A new built is property is exempt from annual tax for 5 years. Each property is revalued every 5 years for tax purposes.


     A public officer licensed by the state to administer oaths, certify the authenticity of legal documents, and perform other official administrative duties.

     Transferring Money to Turkey 

     Once you have opened a bank account in Turkey this process is very simple. You will need to go to your bank , and fill out the necessary forms, transferring money to Turkey does incur an administration cost, this charge will depend on your banks administration fee. You will need to supply your bank with the details of your account in Turkey.

They will require ;

  • Bank Name and Address
  • IBAN Number
  • Account Number
  • Swift Code
  • Branch Code

     Once you have transferred the money to your bank in Turkey, you will need to fax them to authorisation for your Power of Attorney to withdraw the authorised amount. The fax must contain the FULL name of your Power of Attorney. Once this fax is received the money can then be taken from your account.