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Alanya is 65 km from Side and 131 km from Antalya. Amid the orange and lemon trees, before the Toros (Taurus), Alanya city important holiday, welcomes you. Many tourist facilities, stunning beaches, great parks, gardens, tea and delicious restaurants, Alanya is a very diverse shopping center. You’ll find leather clothing and accessories as well as the beautiful jewelry.
You will also appreciate the memories that are humorous characters painted on calabash.

This city has a pleasant recreational centers with all the charm of modern tourism.

In 1220, the city was the winter residence of the Sultan Aleaddin Keykubat (12th century Seljuk). The fortress is located on steep mountain chains, the well-preserved body of the fleet Seljuk and imposing Kizil Kule (The tower red) octagonal just this time.

A street, which winds through gardens stand where colorful houses, up to the fortress, which it is located at 260 meters high over the city. It is surrounded by double walls with its 150 laps. On the inside, you find the remains of the Seljuk city: a mosque, a caravanserai and a covered bazaar. Later after rocks, you see, the ruins of a tank and a Byzantine church. From the top, available to you a wonderful panoramic view. Also, if you want to admire a show while on vacation, come to participate folklore events which are held every year in August.

Some caves to visit at around Alanya

The cave Damlatas is interesting to visit because her two vaults superimposed. On the cave Damlatas, lies the park of Ataturk which crowns the city and beautifies the fortress. The park was established in a different style. North of the latter is the museum of Alanya exposing valuable archaeological objects. (Closed Mondays).

The other caves to visit are: the cave Kizlar manastari (monastery girls) where pirates beach alanya turkey, İncekum sequestering women slaves, the cave Asiklar (Lovers) and the Cave Fosforlu (phosphorus) phosphorescent rock grotto illuminated by spot colorful. These caves are accessible only by boat.

Beaches in Alanya: On the road Alanya – Avsallar (İncekum), 25 km from Alanya you will see many complex and holiday centers along the beaches and full of activities. Between Alanya and Gazipasa, have natural beaches await you.