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This  place  is  the  newest  holiday  riviera  and coast  of  East Antalya  on  the  Mediterranean.

     In  this  holiday  paradise  there are tens of newly Hotels - Resorts  or  Holiday   Villages available for your vacation plans. All those resorts very deluxury, modern  and  comfortable Hotels located  by  one  by   on   the  sandy beaches approximately 30 km area of the coast.

     Swimmer and sunbathers  alike  enjoy  Belek,  a  modern  luxurious   holiday center  is  only  40  km  far  away from Antalya.

     In  Belek  located  there   are  more  than  45 various Hotels  and  Holiday  Villages.  Most of  them  are Deluxe size,  5  stars  hotels and offers Golf Packages